A Family Story

My Dad's been telling a story for years that he just reminded me about right now. It's very amusing in context. My Mom was telling me that she's reading my weblog each night now (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) and wanted to know more about the Google Ads, etc. So I was trying to explain how they worked, and what the Referrers link did above, and that I broke that page down into three sections: Links to me, Google Searches and Aggregator hits.

That's when my Dad started chuckling (they do the dual-phone thing like on Seinfeld). "That's what you said when you bit David's nose." And I was a bit surprised and asked what he was talking about, and he reminded me of the famous family story:

When I was very young - I'm not sure how young, 3? 4? years old? - my Dad says he was in another room when he suddenly heard my brother David (who's six years older than me) suddenly start screaming and crying like a nut in the other room. So My Dad rushes in to see what's going on and sees David hold his nose and pointing at me.

"He bit my nose!"

And my Dad looks at me and asks what happened, and legend has it that I said in response:

"I bit him because he aggregated me." (No, I'm not making this up.)

Little did we know years later that I'd have lots of other people aggregating me as well (*rimshot*). On a similar note, Alex bit me today for the first time. With teeth. It pinched and *really* hurt. I'm hoping it's not genetic...



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