Beckham Sighting in Madrid

No, it wasn't by me, but by Ana actually. Beckham's hotel just happens to be immediately behind the bank where my wife works, so today around 4 at the end of lunch when the Dave's entourage was pulling in Ana walked over to take a look, and take a pic with her Nokia 7650!

It was a classic Moblog moment, no? Alas, the paparazzi tussled my beloved and all she was able to take a picture of was the backs of peoples heads. (And she also accidently had the camera on "low-quality" so it was a very *small* picture of the backs of people's heads as well). But she did get to see Beckham arrive and go enter the hotel via his private entrance in the back. It'd make a great Vodafone commercial, actually, a small beautiful woman in the back of the paparrazzi trying to take a pic with her new Live! camera phone, but gets knocked down, only to be helped up by the star himself. Hey? What do you think? Too bad she's a Telefonica user. ;-)

I must say it's very amusing to see Madrid on CNN and BBC this evening presented like some spectacular international city or something. Madrid has its okay bits, but it's not a city on par with London, Paris or Rome for example. It's more or less a pretty dull government city in the dead center of nowhere. If I was Becks I would've joined the Bar�a squad just for the chance to live by the med. ;-)

On the Beeb after the first news bit they went around to the luxury houses that dot the outskirts of the city with the same real-estate agents that Ronaldo used... Very nice homes out there, sorta. Not my style at all, and not particularly opulent on an international scale (hey, I've watch Lifestyles, I know how the rich live). Well thhe ones I saw tonight anyways... I think Victoria's going to be very disappointed.

And that's all I really have to say about this...


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