Howard Dean


I first mentioned this guy almost a year ago, and it turns out that it looks like he's making the right early moves to get his campaign in gear, raising both his profile and lots of cash by using the Internet.

Rock On. Go Dean Go!

Here's a PC World article on Dean's online campaign. It states the obvious that the online efforts aren't enough to get him elected, but in my opinion it may be enough to get him ahead of the pack so the Democrats can coalesque around a good candidate. Please GOD don't let him have any skeletons in the closet. He's a way dark horse coming from a state that has more cows than people. But it's also the state that produced Ben & Jerry's and yours truly, so you know it's a place with quality over quantity. ;-)

For those of you who saw Bush's very slick-looking, corporate-style site on Slate, this is a perfect contrast. (That was the corporate site where Espa�ol was spelled without an � and with an accent over the o).

Very neato.


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