Pics for Grandma


I just dumped a load of pics into my Photos directory above for my Mom. She called while we were away in La Coru�a in Galicia (in the North West of Spain) and within the space of a 5 minute conversation asked for new photos of Alex at least 7 times.

And as I tried to explain to her, I've *taken* the photos, I just haven't had a chance to upload them yet. I can do it from my phone with YFTP or with Moblogger, but it's slow, so I'd rather just dump them via Bluetooth and do an upload from my computer. The problem is that with a max image size of around 50kb and a 128MB MMC storage card, I can literally take thousands of photos and not even notice that they're there.

So, I just dumped, oh, 150 photos that I've taken over the past few weeks into the photos. Unedited and uncut for your voyeuristic amusement, and for Mom of course.

These were taken with my 3650, which seems to have some problems in direct sunlight, I've noticed. It actually takes better pictures with normal indoor light than outside in the bright sun. There's one pic of Ana in front of a flowered bush that looks like I've carmelized it with Photoshop or something, but that's just the way the pic came out. Weird.

I like the photo above quite a lot as well... it was a neat sculpture and it turned into a neat pic.


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