Neat Trillian Pro Trick

I was *just* wishing for something the other day and was thinking about writing a bot for it, but it turns out that Trillian Pro already has what I was looking for! What I was thinking about is a feature where an IRC channel (#mobitopia to be specific) could be monitored for keywords. That way I could be logged in and not paying attention, yet still involved in what's going on.

It turns out that Trillian Pro includes a Word Matching option where you can add words to watch for and have events tied to it. Thus I'm now looking for "Russ". If anyone says my name, I get alerted. Poof. I can be part of the conversation without having to always be monitoring the channel. I *was* telling people to send me a private message so I could be alerted if I hid the window and something interesting was going on. Now I have a little customized message that pops up and says "someone's talking about you" if it sees my name in the chat. Neato!

Now I can just minimize the window and do other stuff, but still be easily contacted. I may add some other keywords as well, just for fun - it'd be neat to monitor several channels for certain keywords so you're always on top of the gossip. I'll have to play.



Erik just told me that this is sort of a standard thing in IRC clients. I had *no* idea. It's still cool.

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