Blogging GenCon


Cool Beans... Derek Balling is blogging GenCon. Like he said, if you're not into D&D then you can ignore it. I haven't actually played since I was a total geek in High School/College, but it still brings enough memories for me to request the new books a few years ago from my pagan brother David. They're sitting still on the shelf here in Spain (my wife thinks they're the work of the devil or some such... to be expected in a Catholic society like this one).

I was really into RPGs and especially RPG systems. In my storage at my parents I still have my collection of different gaming systems. I was totally into it. I even GMed at a conference in New Hampshire one year - it was pretty fun. It was an RPG called Toon which you can play cartoon characters. It sounds nuts, but in fact it's actually perfect for a conference setting because it's just a free for all with dice. 5 minutes to create a character, some sort of random plot and you let the players just do what they want. Anything goes as long as you can roll it.

Anyways, I'm not sure I'd be able to "let go" and enjoy a campaign any more... I'm too into real life. But still it's neat to read someone at GenCon - just like it was some technical conference, but each session is a new campaign! Rock! I'll have to Google to see if anyone else is blogging it as well...


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