Series 60 HTTP Server

Yeah, baby! I saw this web server for my Series 60 phone over at James' MMSMemo and it's just fantastic.

A web server for Symbian Series 60 phones [via]

Incredible. This is absolutely incredible! Not because it's highly practical, nor because I can actually get it working on my phone (I can't for some reason), but because it's simply changed the way I think about my Nokia 3650.

Yes, I've been doing lots of PC like things with my phone since getting it, like email, IM and FTP, but it's not until I saw this web-server that it really struck me how this phone is nothing less that an always connected, highly portable,.... computer! Yes, it's a c...o...m...p...u...t...e...r.

What next? P2P file sharing? A mobile Napster? Would it be called mobster :p

I have a backlogged laundry list of things about the 3650 that are pissing me off (memory problems mostly), but once again it amazes. James is having that epiphany that all of use Symbian OS users have once we realize how much power is trapped inside that relatively little device.

I had no problems with the VS httpd app at all. I downloaded it immediately after I read this and tried it out - it's small, simple and works exactly as advertised. It shares out 2 directories, a "web" directory and a photo directory. You can point these directories to any folders you want on your phone, and I of course switched them to use my MMC storage where I keep all my files and photos. From there it just serves up files like normal, but hitting the photo directory displays the thumbnails! It's like a little server-side photo-album app on your phone!

But unlike what both My-Symbian and James insinuated, it's not useless *at all*! I tested the functionality over GPRS and it worked great. I can imagine many times when I have an important document stored on my phone and no great way to get to it from a PC I may be working on (say at a client site - or even down at your local cybercafe or copy shop), so being able to start up the web server and hit it directly from any browser is just fantastic.

Cool stuff.


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