The Job Search

Someone emailed me with a job and then realized that I wasn't looking for full time. Well, that's sort of. I'm looking for an opportunity rather than a job. If there's a great company with a great position, I'm not against being a full time employee. At least at first, I want to try to find a job where I'm not "Generic Java Programmer #5". A dream job like the Nokia Marketing position is a perfect example. If I'm going to be just working doing normal dev work, then I'd rather do it on contract to earn a bit more money at first. If I just cannot find a job, then I'll start to look around and take whatever. But if I'm going to take any sort of job, we'll just stay here in Madrid (regardless of how much I dislike it) since the quality of life with minimal money is so much higher here.

Here's where I'm looking online so far, any other suggestions would be welcome:

There *seem* to be a decent amount of Java and J2EE jobs in California as a whole, so I might actually be able to land something relatively quick. We'll see. The goal is to get back to California, with San Francisco being top on the list. But San Francisco is relatively far away from Silicon Valley and there aren't as many neat little companies in City anymore, so it makes the job search a bit more difficult if I focus only on that area. If I look at the whole state the number of jobs improves, so if I'm more open to where I'm willing to live, I might have a much better chance as well. The Economy isn't such where you can choose where you want to live and what you want to do without some sort of compromise one way or another.

By the way, it's starting to look like there's J2ME jobs to be had out there (specifically in California where I'm looking). This is pretty cool because it's a relatively new technology and the projects will all have to be generally *fun*. I mean, I can't really imagine a J2ME hell job - it's just too new and focused right now. I'm not a J2ME god by any stretch, but I've actually done enough to be intelligent about it and I've got a month or so left, so it might be a good idea to get some of the ideas in my head actually implemented as examples. We'll see if I can get it into gear.

Being the hip-and-with-it-blogger that I am, I also just signed up for 25 searches for This will actually save me some time since there's so many searches to look for: Java, J2EE, J2ME, Mobile, in various areas. The only bad thing is that each search is a different RSS Feed. *Why?* Just throw everything in the the same feed so I can see when a job is available that meets one of my criteria.

I'll post some of the good stuff I find here as well. It'll be fun.


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