Don't Vote For Schwarzenegger

I just ordered my absentee ballot for the special election. If somehow you've gotten all starry eyed, please remember that all Republicans are lying sacks of elitist shit including Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Don't fucking believe his bullshit he's going to spout over the next couple of months. This is the guy who stood up smiling with Reagan and kissed both Bush's ass. Pete Wilson is his fucking campaign manager for god's sake. Arnie's another cheap labor conservative, and don't you forget it. He took his steroids and made his money, now he's going to stand back and point at all you po' people and shake his head at how come you're not as smart as him, then go off and smoke cigars with his rich industry buddies and plan all the breaks he's going to give them to "stimulate the economy". Don't believe this asshole is your friend because he isn't. He's an actor - not a great one - but good enough for most people. Don't believe the shit that's going to come out of his mouth.

Vote No on the recall and then vote for whichever Democrat seems to have momentum in a few months. Think about the fucking disaster for the Democrats in 2004 if Arnie tromps around California as Governor touting his buddy Bush's great "war record" or some shit like that. 60 Days isn't enough for Arnie to really fuck up and the winner is only going to need a small percentage of the vote to win. Don't let it happen.

Nice to know that the Republicans are still the "dirty tricks" and lies party. Amazing. Since Nixon to Clinton's impeachment to the vote in Florida to finding some 100 year old law to recall a democratically elected leader to redo an election that didn't go their way. These people are vicious. Worse than worms and more rabid than dogs. They're fucking scum all of them.


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