Back into the Breach

So after five days alone and getting some things done, I'm off to join my wife and child at the inlaws again tomorrow. I haven't shaved in a week, nor have I cleaned dishes, made the bed or washed clothes since I've been here. Just every waking moment trying to get something done on the computer. Thus my morning will be dedicated to un-chaosing the house, scraping the beard off my face, and packing for a few more days down in "el pueblo."

I think I'm going to bring my machine though... I have no idea if I'll be able to get anything done (probably not) but it's nice to think so.

It's too bad I haven't figured out how to use my cellphone as a GPRS modem yet via Bluetooth. *99# just doesn't work, nor any other combo I've tried. It'll probably be cheaper to just dial in via the mobile instead at 12 Eurocents a minute anyways... It's slower but safer - I only have 20MB to use... probably less now.


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