Blue Blogging

Good morning from Sunny La Mancha, Spain! I've got my laptop with me this trip so I can check my email and get some work done in those spare moments when Alex lets us. Also for quick blog posts like this.

I'm posting this via a connection to the net using Telefonica Movistar's special dial in number 551. It's a "free" internet connection, but obviously I'm paying by the minute for airtime. It's "only" 12 Eurocents a minute, but it definitely ads up. I was online for 24 minutes last night and it cost me 2.88�. That'll get old quick.

Thanks to some people who've left messages about GPRS. I'll try to connect via infrared later and see if that somehow makes it work, but I'm pretty sure it's an operator thing and for some reason #99*1 doesn't work for Movistar. Maybe it's a Bluetooth thing, but I somehow doubt it.

The fact that several people mentioned using infrared reminds me that I need to write an "ode to the lowly infrared port" post sometime. Even though I'm a big believer in Bluetooth, I've had several experiences when the IrDA port saved the day.

That's for later when I'm not paying by the minute... probably should have written this offline. ;-)


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