One More Reason to Go Home


I just happened upon this postcard site of San Francisco's landmarks and mixed up among the pics is one of an In-N-Out Burger in Fisherman's Wharf.


I've been away tooooo long. I love In-N-Out burgers. There's no way to describe my craving and desire for them. I used to drive long distances when I was in SF to get to them and without fail drag my brother to a drive-thru as soon as I get off the plane in Southern California... Now there's one in Fisherman's Wharf? I was in easy walking distance of the wharf when I lived in SF. I can't believe there's one there now. That's a wonderful thing.

I was confirming this fact with Greg who currently lives in SF. Being from the South, Greg understands pure cravings such as mine. Naturally the conversation turned from In-N-Out to Krispy Kreme:

[12:37 AM] greg: but an entirely different creature when eaten within seconds of being taken from the loving arms of The Machine
[12:37 AM] greg: all hail The Machine
[12:37 AM] greg: :)
[12:37 AM] russell_beattie: Part of our honeymoon was spent in California and I saw a sign, and showed Ana the way of the Kreme.
[12:38 AM] russell_beattie: Praise Be The Machine.

Gotta get back soooooon.

By the way, lots of nice pics on that site. Check it out.


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