Alex at the Park Before the Storm

We just went up to the park at the end of the street and as soon as we left the house we were afraid that it might rain. I took some video of Alex running around with my 3650 and just converted it to show here. It's not bad. You can see the clouds and hear the thunder in the background...

image WATCH this video

I recorded the video using the amazing EyeCon Camcorder Pro. It takes unlimited videos at about 1MB a minute with sound. The quality of the images is pretty good and the sound is perfect. It's a bit weird in that it saves the video and sound in two separate files (a .eye and .ear) which you need to copy to your PC and then you need to use a command line program to covert it to an .avi file.

I wanted to put it online, but for some reason Quicktime Pro doesn't recognize the video codec, so I couldn't convert it into a streamable .mov or mpeg4 as I prefer, so I used the free Helix Producer to convert the video into a streamable Real video. The quality came out pretty good, but the original is slightly better. I'm going to have to figure out why Quicktime choked.

This is going to *really* rock when this is all one-click and up load, no?


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