Summer's Winding Down

We're at the end of the bell curve of vacations here in Madrid and you can feel it. Ana returned to work today after her three week vacation, and it definitely seems that much of the rest of Madrid has started to come back as well. Today was much louder during the day than in the past few weeks. First week in August and you could hear birds chirping during the middle of the day...

Though vacations will continue on into September, the bulk of vacations occur sometime in August. Next week will get progressively busier and by the second week in September it'll be back to normal - if not more chaotic because everyone will have spent their vacations and back working.

Ana got pretty screwed this year. Her work said that it wasn't going to have "horario continuo" at first - when employees leave during the summer at 3 p.m., but then changed their minds and decided that in August, hours are from 9-3. Ana got back today and the bank is half empty and the people who are there are taking hour long coffe breaks and generally taking it easy. Compare this to July when Ana was working past 8 p.m. every night trying to meet deadlines and going nuts all month preparing for vacations. The people who took vacation in July and worked in August are styling... like 2 months vacation really.

Oh well. Life's back to normal. We're on a tight schedule now if I want to get to San Francisco by the end of October. Woof!


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