Symbian Dev on Linux


I was just hanging around on #mobitopia, when Dan Brickley (danbri) started asking about developing for Symbian devices on Linux. "You can't do it" I said, offhand, because I know that Symbian dev kits rely on a lot of Windows libraries in order to do debugging, etc. before transferring the ARM-compiled libraries to the EPOC device.

But I was wrong! After some Googling, Dan found this new SourceForge project called GnuPOC that uses WINE to duplicate the entire devlopment stack on Linux. Woohoo baby!

I'm not sure how mature it all is, and in fact, I only know the basics of development for Symbian/EPOC, so maybe there's a lot of stuff missing and I don't know, but it looks pretty great.

Yeah, baby. One less reason to need Windows! I'm feeling a switch coming on...


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