MMC Goes to 512MB!


Woohoo! For those of you with Nokia-based cellphones who felt like we were getting left behind by the SD memory cards which max out at 512MB while our MultiMediaCards max out at a paltry 128MB, well our wait is almost over! We were just chatting on #mobitopia about the new Moto A920 and I was complaining about the MMC card situation (the A920 also takes SD cards) and a little research pulled up this page on the ATP site with the higher-capacity MMC cards available: 256MB in stock, and 512MB coming soon!

Cool beans! I'd still rather see Nokia switch over to the SD camp as that spec is going to once again bounce ahead to over 1GB soon.. but still. It's nice to know I'll be able to put a decent amount of MP3 music and video on my phone soon enough. :-)


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