Moz Tabbed Browser Extensions

If you use Moz or Firebird, this plug in is a *must have* addition to your browser, especially if you're a tabbed browsing freak like I am. Thanks to Moof for pointing it out on #mobitopia! There's too many features to list, and honestly, there may be too many features period! I can't figure out what all of them do yet, but I found the killer feature right at the beginning. All new window messages sent to the browser open up a new tab automatically. No new windows, just tabs. THAT ROCKS.

Why? Well, for one, I've been wanting to switch to Thunderbird and Firebird to adjust to the new direction of the Mozilla project. But one of the things I really like is being able to middle-click items in my Mail/Newsreader and open up new tabs in my Browser window. Well now I can use Thunderbird and the get the same effect. Actually, *all* apps open new tabs. (Yes, you Opera heads, I understand this is how Opera has worked for a while. I just prefer Moz).

This also means I can switch aggregators. I've outgrown nntp//rss - I've got too many feeds and it's starting to choke and the list of feeds in my news windows scrolls waaaay too far. Now I can use some other aggregator that opens up feeds in your default browser, and it'll automagically open up in Moz (again, in tabs). Happy day.

Rock On. I'm now shutting down Moz as soon as I post this and making the move to Firebird/Thunderbird right now.


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