Why Microsoft is Evil

In case you forgot why you must resist Microsoft at every opportunity possible, there was a great post today on (of course) Slashdot that explains it perfectly. It's in response to the news that Be settled with Microsoft for only $24 million dollars:

Now that's justice... (Score:5, Interesting)
by fork420 (452102) * on 06:33 AM -- Saturday September 06 2003 (#6885615)

To put this in perspective, consider the following math:

$8,072,000,000 net income for MSFT during the 9 months ended 3/31/03 divided by the (roughly) 270 days during the 9 months ended 3/31/03 ...yields $29,000,000 net income per day for MSFT

so basically they destroyed Be, Inc., and it cost them roughly 18 *hours* of income.

just lovely :-/

Yep. When I saw the news the first thing I thought was how pitiful a number it was. And not only is the number low, but Microsoft admitted no wrongdoing, even though we all know (and the anti-trust suit proved) that MS used it's contracts with PC makers to make it economically stupid to install other OSes on their PCs because they paid MS per CPU they shipped whether it had Windows on it or not.

If you don't think your company, your software or your phone operating system is next, you need to wake up.


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