It's Cold

Welcome to Autumn.

We put Alex in his full-on PJs last night for the first time in months. The ones with the feet. When we woke up this morning it was less than 60F/15C out and you could feel the chill in the house. Also, I'm not sure what happened but in the last week, the sun moved beyond the space between the two apartment towers and now we're not getting any light in the morning.

I spent 4 years bitching about how cold it was in San Francisco. I love that city, but it's damn cold. It was romantic thinking about how wonderful SF is during the middle of August (i.e. 4 weeks ago) when the temperatures were over 100F/40C, but now that I'm *feeling* the chill, the first thing it reminds me of is every morning in San Francisco.

Thus I've added San Diego and parts south back into my Job Searches. :-) I also paid for another month or so of - it's well worth it. We'll probably end up back in the Bay Area because that's where I'm most comfortable and I do miss SF, but I can dream.

Okay, I've got to bundle up and get Alex to day care.


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