Long-term Hotels in the Bay Area?


I did some searching this morning and found this cool hotel called The Dakota in the middle of San Francisco for $55 a night. That's pretty great, but it'll still cost me $1500+ for a month to stay there, which is outside my budget (that's the cost of first month's rent!) so I'm wondering if anyone knows of any alternatives in the Bay Area?

I did some looking around online for corporate apartments and long-term stays but most are much more expensive than this - around $2000 or more. I'm in this odd catch-22 right now because many jobs won't even interview anyone who's not local and most apartments won't rent to you without you having a job. I actually already had a call back for a phone interview from Outlook.net but when they found out I wasn't local, I was told I was out of the running without them even speaking to me. Urgh! I mean I *will* be local and I *was* local! Oh well, lesson learned: go West young man.

The whole move situation is sort of fraught with peril really. I more or less need a real place to live while applying for jobs, but I can't just go and plop first and last down on a place because I won't know if I'll be able to find a job or if I do, where I'll be working. Hell, I'm not going to rent some place in Vallejo and then start working in Sunnyvale. It'd be suicide by commute. The City looks great to live in and is relatively central, but the pay scale seems a bit lower than what I was thinking before ($85k as opposed to $100, as someone left me a comment about) which means I'll either need to opt for a smaller place or head out to the burbs.

Urgh. Anyways, it starts with the job which I'm going to need to be physically present to get, and the job is going to take time which means I need to be in a place where I'm prepared to live for a while. And of course, all this has to be done without Ana and Alex as I can't get Ana's paperwork straightened out until the job situation is nailed down. I want you to add up in your head the cost of several international flights, rental car, hotel stays, food/gas, first/last/deposit, furniture, phone, etc. and you can imagine the sort of financial stress this sort of endeavor puts on you. Yowza.

Okay, enough of me whinging. I'll be back in California soon enough and it'l be worth it. :-)


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