Weblog War #4553

This really isn't worth my time and effort to write. Okay, ready?

I insulted Scoble yesterday on his weblog because I'm sick of his labeling of me in his links. You label someone when you want to dehumanize them or sway opinions of someone before you even see what they have to say. By labeling me a Microsoft Hater, which is true in content, it's 1) derogatory in the context of his weblog and 2) gives the impression that I'm a knee jerk OSS activist or something equally as idiotic. There's much more to this weblog and myself than that. I don't link to Scoble because I think he's an ass. Scoble, however, links to me with his snide remarks and I end up getting a variety of obnoxious and nasty anonymous comments from borg drones on my site who seem to think Scoble is some sort of MS prophet. Fuck that, I don't need those idiots and I don't need Scoble's links.

Before Scoble worked for Microsoft he was part of the problem, now he *is* the problem. Sending his fucking minions here to leave anonymous comments on my site is annoying. When *I* call someone a nasty name (a "fuckwit" in this case) I leave my name, my email and my blog so you know its from me. I have no patience for anonymous assholes, which Microsoft seems to be full of.

After I commented and forwarded referrers, Scoble spins what I said like this:

Update: Russell doesn't want me linking to his site anymore, so he's redirecting my site to a different place.

No. I said I don't want you labeling me any more and that I don't *need* your links. If you have enough respect for my opinions, you'll have enough respect for me not to use "Rush Limbaugh" like tactics (Scoble's analogy not, mine, though amazingly apt.) I don't care about anyone linking to me but if you're going to be an asshole, then your readers are going somewhere else.

And oh, that "different place" Scoble mentions isn't a joke. It's a link to the 1999 U.S. Vs Microsoft Finding of Fact. Amusing how Scoble didn't want to actually *say* that on his weblog. Fucking coward. Robert works for this company, but he and his readers obviously has no idea what sort of slime ball company he's working for - this is an effort at re-education that he and his readership so badly needs. The only difference between a rule-breaking company like Microsoft and that of Enron is that MS is making money, though it's illegally garnered money based on an illegal monopoly. I wonder how long it'll be before Scoble starts getting the word to erase email messages as well? Scumbags.

As for others in the weblog community who I was alerted to this morning snidely criticizing me, fuck off: I enable *my* comments, where's yours? Oh, don't like the heat you get? Well neither do I, so I do the obvious and redirect idiots somewhere else. *That's* how the internet works, rerouting around the problem. By the way to the idiots who think I'm somehow "censoring" your comments: 1) This is my weblog, not a public forum, so what I say/do/want goes. But 2) If you're on topic and leave your name, I rarely, if ever delete comments.

Okay, so for the final time. I *don't care* if you read this weblog. Don't. I don't read yours if you're an asshole, don't read mine if you think I am. I only recently subscribed to Scoble to see what sort of derogatory thing he was going to say about me next, not to read his boasting, credit-claiming and innuendos. Shortly after this is over, I will unsubscribe. It's that simple.

I don't write this weblog for readership. I say want I want here, and month after month my readership goes up. Does that tell you anything?



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