Series 60 Platform Community Awards 2003


I didn't get nominated, but I got invited to the ceremonies! Woohoo!

You are cordially invited to the Series 60 Platform Community Awards 2003, at the Hotel Negresco in Nice, to share and celebrate excellence in the Series 60 Platform Community.

A full programme

The day will start with a business seminar - an update on the Series 60 Platform and business perspective talks by leading Community members. Then, we will have a small expo with top developers and vendors displaying the latest in Series 60 products and services. To cap off this busy day, we will host an evening Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony. At this Dinner and Ceremony we will recognize the companies that have made Series 60 the leading smartphone platform.

Neat! With my Google ranking, it'd be very surprising if Nokia didn't have my weblog on their radar, but still it's nice to know that someone is paying attention at the big N. I think I've probably influenced a few sales of 3650s among the weblog community, so it's nice to see some appreciation. :-) Just remember where you first saw how cool the Nokia 3650 was going to be!

This is of course, a day after news that Rafe's All About Symbian was nominated for the Community Award in the Evangelist Category. Congrats Rafe and all the AASers! Hey - if you didn't notice from that link, Rafe has just done a complete refresh of the AAS site with spanky new forums and XHTML goodness. Great Job Rafe!

Now I have to figure out if I'll actually be in Europe during that time or not! This event is actually the day before the Nokia Mobile Internet Conference, so it'd be great to go up for both, but I just can't afford it all! Oof. Talk about bad timing! Oh well, we'll have to see what happens...


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