JavaOne Online Redux


So the link below reminded me that I have a subscription to JavaOne Online which gives access to many of the presentations given during the past two conferences. I blogged about this a few months ago, and then summarily forgot about it because only about 1/3rd of the presentations were online. That has obviously changed with time and now essentially the entire conferences' presentations are available. It's very cool.

I do have to say that it's not the most exciting thing in the world to listen to the live sound recordings of the presentations, but only get to watch static slides move past. Chris Kotowski alerted me in my comments earlier to another tutorial site called VTC and it has a lot more demo presentations, a few of which I sat through this afternoon. Seeing the application being used in real time is definitely much more compelling to watch. In the JavaOne presentations, I would've like to seen actual video of the seminars, so that I could see the presenter and demos and get a better feel for the conference, as well as the actual slides themselves.

You know what would also be really great? IRC + these JavaOne presentations! Does anyone else have a subscription and want to sit through a few sessions online with me? (I doubt it). That always makes online seminars a bit more fun to have someone to chat to during the presentation, to clarify and explore different topics and generally yammer. Mentorware - the company that Sun hired to do JavaOne online - should do that automatically, it would really add to the presentations. Anyone who's watching that presentation at the same time as you would appear in a chat room on the side of the presentation. That would rock.

Okay... Lots of stuff to digest!


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