Nokia 3660: Round Keypad BEGONE!


Can you believe it? It's not a fake! Mobile Burn has the scoop on the new Nokia 3660/3620. They got the plans from the FCC which has approved the update to my beloved 3650. This pic has been floating around for a bit, but I normally don't pay much attention to the rumor sites because usually they're full of it.

Nokia must have leaks the size of cannon balls in their corporate ship because this is the second pic that's turned up ahead of launch that turned out to be true. I'd like to know a bit more about this phone: Is it going to have similar capabilities as the 6600? I.e. will it have MIDP 2.0 and more RAM, etc.?

I guess since it seems that all they changed was keypad that consumers in general liked the shape and size of the 3650 - though it's huge in comparision to many phones, it's quite ergonomic. But the keypad... Nokia must have just gotten *sick* of hearing about that damn keypad. :-)

Cool Beans. Check the official Nokia 3660 page for more info soon, I'm sure.


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