Tech Update from Spain

Here's some interesting items for those living here in Spain... I should probably write this in Spanish, but Ana's not here to correct my grammar, so I won't. ;-)

First, Hernan from - non profit business organization which connects people and companies in the mobile sector - called me yesterday to touch base and to see if I was going to be around because he's in need of a mobile developer/consultant for his organization. As I'm heading back to California, I had to say no thanks, but I told him I'd drop an note here. Send me your resume if you think you'd be a good technical consultant in the mobile area and I'll pass it on to Hernan.

Also, Aitor just IMed me with the program for the Congresso JavaHispano which is a two-day Java conference to take place at the end of October. If you're interested, definitely sign up now as the space is limited.

And finally, Pedro linked this morning to Google news in Spanish which is pretty amazing. I hadn't realized that in addition to Google's new Spanish front-page and opening a sales office here, they also are providing a Spanish news aggregator as well. That's pretty great as there are some decent amounts of Spanish news, but many of the sites are user-hostile, so this will be a nice way to find current news from Spain.

Ya esta...


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