The Joys of Moving


I've been offline all evening because tonight we started packing. It's amazing how much work it takes to just sort out even just a small portion of your home into boxes, etc. It's even worse than normal because we're going internationally - so we need to divide stuff up into "take now, get later, leave here in storage." It's crazy.

We're finding stuff in corners that we just didn't realize we had. For example, Ana and I don't really drink. I mean, we never drink at home, it just doesn't dawn on us. But for years Ana has worked at banks, and here in Spain during Christmas, it's still common here to give out *huge* gift baskets full of food, candies and liquor and banks, being very old school really go to town. So Ana's stockpiled all this stuff for years. We've got (I'm counting now) 16 unopened bottles of various expensive alcohols sitting over in the corner now. Whiskeys, champagnes, wines. If someone came to our house right now they'd think we had a serious problem. We also found a half dozen or so little bottles of rum that Ana and I picked up on our honeymooon (in 2001).

Anyways, I should be in bed now, I'm wrecked. I lost my desk this evening (it was a piece of junk that was falling apart, so we chucked it to make room for the boxes) so now I'm hanging out on the couch watching CNN and praying that by the time I get to California, Ahnold isn't our governor. Urgh.

Okay. Just wanted to share. Nice referrers today - lots of outrage with the AdSense post from yesterday, including MeFi, Kottke, BoingBoing and others. Nice. Hope Google gets some bad press and gets a clue.



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