22 hours. I'm dead. Hotel's got broadband which is a Good Thing (TM).

First flight was cramped, but the second on American was great. No complaints except that I wish that was the 10 hour flight not the 4 hour one.

I officially win the ugliest rental car contest. I'll post a pic.

Wow. Roaming works! I called Ana and spent my 10 Euros I had in pre-pay in like 5 minutes which is still better than the $13.97 I paid for a "30 minute AT&T Long Distance" card, which actually only gives you 5 minutes if you call Spain.

Am going to meet with Matt tomorrow downtown, but I didn't realize it was Fleet Week. *Ofcourse* it's fleet week. The first time I visited SF it was Fleet Week, when I first arrived to live here it was Fleet Week. When I went away to live and work down in LA for a few months in 1997, when I got back, it was Fleet Week. Whenever I arrive in SF, it was fleet week. The news is on now, showing highlights, I guess it was cancelled after 9/11 for a couple years. They just said that, but it's because I wasn't here. ;-)

Crashing. Hard.


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