See what happens? Nokia 6600 in Spain


I leave the country and see what happens? From Anil at AdM Partners:

The much anticipated Nokia 6600 will be launched in Spain this week with Telefonica Movistar. Movistar have begun thier advertizing campaign for the Nokia 6600. Interesting to note, that while Nokia has been pushing the 6600 as a business phone replacing the 7650, Movistar is promoting it as a multimedia video phone.

Nokia's new Series 60-mobile phone is the most advanced to be launched by the company.The 6600 is targeted at the business user and features a 65'000 color TFT screen, triband functionality,GPRS, HSCD, VGA camera with digital zoom, and a video recorder.

They are even available for order via El Corte Ingles online shop.

It's tempting to pick one up when I go back to Spain in a few weeks to pick up Ana and Alex, but I'm going to wait and see which of the carriers here has it and then pick it up at a discount with a contract.


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