More Weblogs in the Real World: Spending My Weblog Karma

So, as I've written, my weblog is doing a lot for my job search and move. I've got the contract and maybe job I have now thanks in large part to this weblog, interviews, contacts and I'm getting dinner invites and other connections as well since I've been back. Sooo... along those lines who else would want to know what type of person you are besides employers and potential friends and coworkers? Yep, that's right, landlords!

As I'm looking for places on Craig's list, I'm emailing the landlords/managers telling them I'm interested and pointing out that they can find more information about me at this website. I've gotten two really positive responses in return. It makes sense, doesn't it? If you're renting out your apartment to someone - whether it's yours or just your job to do so - you want to know as much about the potential rentee as possible. Credit reports are a modern way of checking someone out, right? But that's not perfect and - to me - a form of financial discrimination.

How about instead, a site with hundreds of photos of my small family, resume, and 1500+ daily thoughts over the past year many with a half a dozen comments or more from daily readers? That's a pretty good way to get to know someone who's going to be living in your property, no?

We actually are going to rent out the place back in Madrid. It's a 45 square meter one bedroom that Ana bought just before we met. I don't want to rent it, I'd rather sell it, but well, that's not my decision. :-) I think the Spanish real-estate bubble is going to pop *very soon*, but Ana wants to rent it with the idea that we'll sell it later for the massive 20% average yearly returns that Spain has seen for the past 20 years. Yeah, sure. What part of "burbuja" don't you understand?

Anyways, as a soon-to-be landlord myself, I'd think it would rock if the people renting my place had a weblog and online album. Both to see what kind of person they are in the past: photos of wild parties? Really big dogs? Good to know. And for the future. How many snapshots have I taken that included my apartment? Good way to see how the house is keeping up. How many posts did I write that mentioned financial state or general activities? All good to know for a potential landlord. Not that I want anyone "spying" on me, but hey - if it's here it's public, so they're as free to see this stuff as anyone else.

Another wild wooly step into the wondeful world of weblogging. :-)


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