Mobile Application Download Managers


I got an email this morning about Handango's new Application Shop application for SonyEricson Symbian phones. This is *very* cool and is akin, if you think about it, to iTunes for your phone. You don't need to use a browser (which can be slow and tedious on a phone) you can just work through the menu of options, choose cool new apps and download them instantly.

I've seen demos lately of other technologies that work similarly and I think it's a kick-ass way to provide applications to mobiles. I'm of the opinion that most apps for phones are - for now - disposable applications. Things like games or other apps that you'll use for a short time, get tired of, and then move on. Lowering the level of effort needed to grab new apps to replenish your phone once you get bored with what you have is key.

I wonder if someone is working on something similar for J2ME apps?


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