Another Beautiful October in the Bay Area


I remember when I first moved to San Francisco, within a week or so it was October and this major heatwave. I remember it clearly because I sat in line at the local walgreens to buy a stand-up fan which we used for a week and then never touched again. :-)

Coincidentally it's *gorgeous* today in the Bay again. It's going to hit 90/30 degrees easily in the East Bay where I'm currently looking for apartments in the Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto and it'll also be really nice in San Francisco as well. Fantastic.

I just checked out an apartment in the hills of El Cerrito and it was *fantastic* except that it wasn't close to anything for Ana. But man, the apartment was killer - incredible views of the entire Bay and the city, big living room, etc. on this side street which is off a normal neighborhood but is really wooded. I'm now closer in to the center of Berkeley (I'm in a Starbucks on Shattuck actually) looking at places around here. Lots of restaurants, shops, etc.

Apartment hunting is a pain, but I feel Like I'm getting close. Later I'm heading back into The City to check out some places in Noe Valley (now that I've got a good bead on where look for the nice bits). We'll see what happens. It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to get out of my hotel this weekend, but within the week I think.

Oh, we decided that Palo Alto - despite being a really cool neighborhood - was just too far of a commute. Someday I think I'll head down there, but for now I'll stick closer to the city and Bart.

Wish me luck!


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