Presidential Politics


While driving around neighborhoods looking at apartments this evening I heard an NPR interview with Sen. John Edwards who's running for president... I have to say I *really* like the guy. Of all the candidates I heard a few weeks ago during one of the debates and again tonight, he has made the most sense to me. Even Dean who's from state where I was born and has so much momentum, doesn't seem to have the right message.

Judgement is reserved for a bit until I find more about the guy, but Edwards sounds good, looks good, makes a lot of sense and really *gets it*. He talked today about education in this country and he sees that big picture many of us who came from less than middleclass backgrounds sees that there is two educational systems in the country: The haves and the have nots. He also talked about the abysmal savings rates and rolling back tax cuts for those people who earn more than $200k a year. These are *exactly* what I think needs to be addressed in the country and it sounds like he's the only one that sees this. The future lies in education and closing the *massive* gulf between the haves and the have nots.

That grimmace that Dean has is going to kill him. I'm honestly *just* starting to see these people having been completely outside television coverage until just recently in Spain and Dean is *not* camera friendly. Did you see the guy on Letterman? Oof. The most important thing is *winning* the election next year and I have doubts about Dean's ability to accomplish that.

I don't know, but Edwards seems like a second coming of Clintonian politics (unless of course, there's *literally* another Clinton like Hilary joins the race. I'd vote for Hilary in a second.) This to me is a good thing. Regardless of the future candidate for president, I hope this guy is on the ticket - though that usually doesn't happen, does it? The front runner always picks someone obscure for their VP, never another candidate. Too bad.

God the fucking economy is recovering, what a disaster. ;-) I hope people get it that the country has lost 3 million jobs in the past 3 years under Bush and don't just look at recent trends. But you know and I know that's not how it works. Urgh.

Okay, out of this Starbucks and back on the road. ;-)


Later: The job numbers have been corrected. Doh!

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