First Day in the New Pad


I signed the lease on a place yesterday, got the keys, and zoomed over to IKEA to drop a ton-o-cash on furniture which I'm now trying to put together. None of my new neighbors seem to have WiFi that I can see from here, so I'm connecting via a Bluetooth connection to my N-Gage and T-Mobile's complimentary internet service they threw in for a month with the device.

I'm *wrecked* already and I'm on a plane tomorrow to go back to Spain to get Ana and Alex. I arrive on Saturday and we all leave on Sunday. Here's some pics of the new pad.

IKEA is great while you're shopping "ooh! I can get this table and chair set for just a couple hundred bucks" then later you can't stop swearing at them "god damn, I can believe I just screwed in 40 bolts UPSIDE DOWN!!!" My programmer hands are definitely blistering and my knees are red-raw from crawling around the floor after a zillion little pieces. I was up until 2 a.m. last night getting all this shit together and I'm leaving in 24 hours and I still have two dresser-drawers to put together, Alex's crib/mini-bed and a bookshelf to go. Ugh.

General Rule of Life: No matter *what* the IKEA guy says, you cannot drive over the Bay Bridge with a Queen sized bed strapped to your roof. You *will* end up pulling over to the side of the highway and repacking your entire car to fit the bed in, trust me.

Okay, you've been updated.


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