Nothing like getting back to work on Monday, and when people ask "hey, how was your weekend?" getting to respond, "It was good, I went to Spain. What did you do?" I mean, you only do wacky things like spending 30+ hours going to Europe and back in a weekend (from California) a few times in life, you might as well play it up right?

Lots to tell, no time right now as I need to get back into it at work. But things are quickly decompressing now that Ana and Alex are here. I can feel the pressure letting off already. Alex did awesome on the plane. The first bit to Chicago was pretty miserable as the plane was packed and Alex was on our laps but the flight to San Francisco was awesome - we got business class seats on a bulk-head, which meant we had no one around us and the seats extended all the way back so Ana and Alex could sleep since we were flying during the middle of the night Madrid time. It really made it the whole journey a lot less of an ordeal. Though I have to admit about half way through the first 9 hour flight, I was really wondering if I was going to be able to make it. But then time just flew.

I'll tell you, it's a real mind trip to do something like this. Think about your personal limits of time and space. Think about all the things you do on Saturday and Sunday. Now imagine spending all that time sitting in one spot. Think about the distances you normally travel in a weekend. Now imagine going to Europe and back. Trust me - about 12 hours into a voyage like this and god knows how many miles it can really weird you out. :-)

Speaking of relativity... I'm several hundred thousandths of a second younger from all that high speed travel no?


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