You know, there are certain personal traits that you don't really notice... but are obvious to just about everyone else around you. I'm nearing the end of the interview process and the person who was interviewing me says, "Well, I've checked your references and it turns out that your biggest strength is your enthusiasm. It seems that it's also your biggest weakness..."

I thought that sounded fair though I don't see it that way exactly. And then the other day in a meeting while I was giving a demo on my laptop on the overhead showing an example of one thing or another I run into this on Jim's site (linked to by Matt, Matthew and Frank no less):

Pulling a Russ

Talking about books or something...
<Netminder> And the whole DLL thing makes perfect sense now too. It's kinda cool, if a bit kludgy, sort of justifiably so :)
<JimH> I've put the book down, I really need to pick it up again and get coding
<Netminder> I'm hoping that I can get some coding done before I pull a russ and get distracted by a shiny object or something.
<Moof|Work> waves a shiny object in front of Netminder
<mlangham> adds "to pull a russ" to dictionary
<Netminder> what were we talking about?

Damn, it's contagious...

Very amusing... It's like a virtual intervention. ;-)


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