For the Families


Here's some photos for the families. My sister in law IMed me yesterday from Spain wanting to know where the new pics of the apartment and of Alex, etc. And I *know* my Mom is always jonesing for new pics as well... so here they are. What a great excuse to try out my new 6600! :-) So for those of you who could care less about the family pictures, these are a bunch of examples of the 6600's camera. For the rest of you continue:

I took a couple pics in the car the other day (Alex likes his new car seat and has no problems nodding off when he gets bored) and then I followed the little ball of energy around the apartment as he got ready for his bath before bedtime last night. Then this morning he wanted to read his favorite book in the whole world, so I took some snaps of that. There's nothing to stop you dead in your tracks in the morning like when your son comes up to you with a book in his hand and tries to sit on your lap (while you're standing up... heheh).



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