Neat Use of iTunes


On the way to work this morning, I was listening to the talk show on KQED that normally has pretty in depth subjects, but for the holiday was having a "greatest rock and roll album" discussion where people would call in and tell their choice for the top spot.

During the show, they were playing snippets from pretty much all the records that people chose, and I was pretty damn impressed with the speed and range of their album library. It was really noticeable how quickly the snippets were coming up, and I was thinking that maybe the show was canned it was so quick. Until at one point there was a pause and and instead of the music playing, a *DING* sounded and you heard the "sound guy" say something in the background and the host, Michael Krasny, says "What was that? Oh, iTunes..."

And I went "ahhhhh". Very amusing.


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