S60 Bluejacking: Send A URL!

Okay, so I spent *all* Thanksgiving weekend at the office. I'm going to do some errands today that desperately need to happen - like getting a haircut. Ugh. I'm like a big grey shaggy dog.

Anyways, I got most of the demo I was working on done, but ran into SMS problems last night. The SOAP service I was using didn't want to communicate with AT&T Wireless, so none of the SMS messages I was sending were getting through. I finally pulled out my wife's 3650 which is using Cingular and my N-Gage which is on T-Mobile, and those phones would receive messages, but neither are able to use MMS because they are pre-pay which stopped me dead in my tracks. Urgh.

I found some neat things out though - while on #mobitopia looking to solve my SMS problems, Anil told me that if I wanted to send a URL to my phone, just to create a .txt file with the URL in it and send it via Bluetooth. When a Series 60 phones receives the file, it'll automatically open up that URL. Really? I didn't know this...

Now, let's think about that for a second.

This of course works *from phone to phone* as well. Hehehehe. Think of the Bluejacking possibilities... This will only work with Series 60 phones, I'm sure, but still. I used a free S60 application called "Forward" which allows you to resend anything in your Inbox. You could also have the .txt file stored locally and use an app like FExplorer as well to send the file. Either way, imagine yourself in a train station or in a Mall, and you see someone with a 3650. You have a URL to your favorite website, or favorite Real Audio stream (that's the URL I've been playing with) or an OTA Java App and you send it via Bluetooth. They accept the message and *poof* are online downloading *god knows what*. Evil, evil, evil.

There's obviously lots of caveats to this: It would have to be a S60 phone (most likely a 3650), it would have to have Bluetooth enabled, the person would have to accept the message *and* have their WAP gateway working, etc. However, under all those circumstances (say in a crowded Symbian gathering) you could really do some damage. ;-)

Just my happy fun thought for this rainy Monday morning. :-)


Later: After a quick chat on IRC, we decided it'd be great to send them this url. :-) Feel free to play.

URGH! After further testing, this doesn't seem to work with regular URLs, just URLs that start with rtsp:// ... Hmm. We're now working on a Real Audio file that says "You've Been Bluejacked" instead. Hahaha. We'll need a RA server as well... hmm. Maybe not.

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