DSL Problems: Solved!

So FINALLY, after weeks of waiting, SBC supposedly turned on my DSL today. But no joy. I have no idea what's going on, but the little orange light on my 2wire.com HomePortal 1000SW wireless hub/modem thing won't turn green. There's not much to do to the box besides turn it off and on and watch the lights flicker... I called SBC and they confirmed that they turned on the service, so I have no idea what the problem is.

Bastards. I think they're lying. Waaaaaah. I want my broadband!

Back to plugging/unplugging... Any help would be appreciated.

Later: WHOOOOHOOOO! I'm DSLING BABY! It seems I was missing a fold-out booklet with the password etc. for my router! Woohoo! I'm so old school... I tried to telnet into my router thinking that maybe I had to do something like that. Duh. It has its own web page. Man, Tom Peters is right, UN-learning is the hardest thing to do.


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