I've got a bunch of stuff that I want to get out, but it's pretty late here so I can't do it tonight. But thank goodness I'm back online at decent speeds at home. I can catch up with my aggregator, post quickly and easily, etc. Ahhh. Does it seem strange that it seems like I'm "home" now that I have a decent net connection? It's like when I was first in the apartment and it didn't have a phone line or cable TV, it felt like something was missing. The final piece just dropped in.

I just got through setting up the other laptop for Ana and I'm now on the couch in the living room WiFing. This *rocks*. Despite my claims to the contrary, I decided to *not* turn off the default security and 64-bit password that my Wireless DSL router came with to provide free and happy connections to my neighbors. To tell you truth, not only did I not feel like sharing at this particular moment, I didn't want to screw anything up either, so I didn't even change the name of my access point. Once the nice lady on the phone got everything working, I didn't want to touch *anything*.

Anyways, I've got a ton of stuff I want to write about. I hope I can remember it all and get a chance to get it out there.

Oh Boy! DSL! WiFi! I'm in heaven.


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