The Geek's Dilema

So I'm sitting here and I've got lots of things that I could do with my moments of spare time before I go to work. The move to the U.S. has changed my habits for the moment where I get online during the morning and get up to date before going off to work, instead of staying up all night. But it's the same thing. That extra 3 or 4 hours in front of the computer when I look at the different projects I want to accomplish and the tech I want to play with.

Right now I have some writing I need to get done, I need to work on my ETCon tutorial (3 hours) about J2ME and Web Services, I'd like to roll out the code I wrote this summer to update this weblog and Mobitopia, I'd like to go over the changes in the new OPL 0.30 to see how hard it is to get some cool stuff on the S60 phones using that language, I'd like to play with the 6600's support for MIDP 2.0 and Bluetooth (JSR-82). Believe it or not I want to relaunch Manywhere as a mobile media portal and I'd love to have bandwidth to put up a site for my mobile knowledgebase idea I call MobKnowledge (customer care/helpdesk for modern mobile phones which I've written about before, demonstrated by this article just today: Smartphone email will cripple helpdesks. And of course, I need and want to keep this weblog fresh as well. That takes time.

Obviously I don't have 1/10th of the bandwidth to get this all done or even started even if I was a much more organized and productive person than I am now. Which leads to the Geek's Dilema: Which technology will be useful later on. Like I've said a zillion times in the past, there's never been a technology that I've played with and learned that at sometime in the future hasn't paid off at work or on a job. So its important that I do play and keep exploring technology and working on pet projects, but there isn't enough time in the day.

And as I write this I look over at the last lonely box from IKEA which still hasn't been put together... Where's that drug where I don't have to sleep?


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