Geek TV

I have discovered TechTV and the Science channel just the other night and I think they're great (to my wife's obvious chagrin)! How great are two channels dedicated to geeks, hey? And TechTV seems to give the added bonus of making sure the every female personality is well endowed and wears low-cut shirts. Woohoo! What more can a guy want?

So tonight after watching Junk Yard Wars I flipped over to The Screen Savers (which I saw for the first time last night) and luckily caught the interview with Michael Powell, Chairman of the FCC. What a cool guy! I had read about just recently before because of his declaration of the TiVo as "God's Machine" but I hadn't thought of him as anything more than somewhat enlightened. How dumb was I?

This guy *gets it*. Actually, I thought I got it, but after listening to him speak, I realize that I don't have a clue. He really has a bead on what's going on now and and into the future for high-tech communications. He had intelligent and thoughtful answers to everything and some amazing perspectives on the telecom, internet and wireless industries, all which come under the FCC's control in one form or another. I was completely impressed. He's a total tech-head geek too, which is great.

Neat stuff. I also like X-Play on TechTV as well because I'm not a gamer at all (unless it's on a mobile device) but I'm still interested to see the state of the art and it's great to see nightly reviews and movies of the latest 3D games (well, they're *all* 3D games now aren't they? Duh. I'm showing my age.)

Thank goodness for cable. I can't wait until I get my TiVo as well. :-)


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