Windows Mobile UI Tutorial


I just ran into this MSDN article which shows how to create "native" looking forms in Visual Studio for "Windows Mobile 2003 Powered Smartphones." And via Dominic, A full .Net Compact development tutorial with info on data storage, XML and more. There's a lot to learn from these tutorials if you know nothing at all about their dev environment (like me) in terms of understanding how Microsoft is going to pitch this type of development to corporations and the general capabilities and limitations of the technology (you can just *see* User Interface nightmares in the making).

It should be interesting to see how Microsoft progresses with this stuff. I clicked around and found the MSDN Mobile and Embedded Development Center which also has an RSS feed. This'll be good to keep up to date with latest info on the .Net Compact stuff.

In case you're interested, here's the link to Sun's redesigned J2ME Home Page. Don't bother clicking on the XML link at the very bottom, however. It doesn't work. (Doh! Great job guys...). Hell, while I'm at it, here's the Qualcomm BREW Developer Portal (no RSS) and The Symbian Developer Network (no RSS) and Nokia's Developer Forum (no RSS Feed) and Palm Developers Portal (No RSS).

Urgh. Do we see a pattern?


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