Windows Quicktime Install

I think Quicktime is great, especially now that it has 3GPP support built in. I'm going to immediately send a link to my Mom so she can install it so I can start sending her more small videos of her grandson.

However, after having just installed it, I once again marvel at what assholes the idiots at Apple are who produce the install for Quicktime. It installs a shortcut in my Quick Launch bar, and my Start Menu, and my desktop, and it puts an icon in my Task Tray which takes me 7 clicks to find where to turn it off, *AND* puts a QuickTimeTask process in my registry to start up on reboot (even if you turn the icon off).

So this means I have to wait until I can be on the phone with my Mom to have her install it so I can help her go through and strip all that crap out, because otherwise it's going to take over her machine and cause even more problems.

What a bunch of obnoxious assholes on the Windows Quicktime team. Get it together, alright you fucking boneheads?


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