Christmas Eve Rain


It'd be beautiful weather if we weren't driving, you know it. As it is, it's treacherous out there. Miserable rain along the entire coast. *Joy*. Add to this that Ana and I are moving like slugs this morning and we're going to arrive in L.A. *really* late.

Like I've said before, it's not the weather that's the bad thing, it's the other Californian drivers who view rain as this evil thing sent down from the sky to punish them or something (which is coincidentally how I view snow - unless I have a snowboard strapped to my feet). Hopefully I can avoid the massive puddles along the route and the nutty drivers who don't realize that cars on water don't stick very well.

Anyways, we've got to pack up the clothes, presents, etc. and get our ass on the road. Mapquest says it'll be 6.24 hours to arrive in Orange County where my brother lives and normally that's a little slow, but with today's weather, it may be optimistic.

Ok. I better get off my ass. Just the fact that I'm on the computer shows you how motivated I am at the moment. :-)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

-Russ, Ana and Alex

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