Post Christmas

Okay, so it took 10.5 hours to get to my brother's on Christmas Eve and 9 hours to get home yesterday. We loaded up on Christmas booty on Thursday and hung around eating Mexican food at my wife's family's then spent *all* day on Friday in the Magic Kingdom with 63,000 other nutcases. It was *so* crowded. It was also damn cold that day and we weren't dressed for it. We got back here to San Francisco and it's cold here too (not surprisingly) - I actually just went out and bought a couple space heaters because the electric-wall heaters we have weren't cutting it.

Before we left my brother's place I grabbed my boxes that I stored almost four years ago when I took off for Spain and my old bike and another one that my brother wasn't using for Ana. The bikes need a "tune-up" at the local bike place and a seat for Alex and then they'll be perfect for weekend rides. I'm now going through and purging photos of old girlfriends from picture frames and exploring files found on old floppy disks and other stuff (more on that soon). I'm also going through old paper files I had and trying to merge them with my current life. Seeing all my stuff from 2000 again, it's really weird to fast forward to today. Things have changed so much.

Lots of pictures coming up once I get a chance. And like every year around this time, I can't believe it's passed so quickly. 2004 already?


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