Received Messages

Instead of adding them to the comments, I'll just post them here and continue updating:

Happy holidays and a happy textual new year. Here's a gratuitus text message from my 9290. --Matt

- Hello World! (What, you were expecting Knuth?)

- Russ, happy new year! No doubt that the US doesn't get sms. --joe friend

- Hey Russ, lets see if transatlantic sms works. Clarity

- Regards from Portugal and :-)

- Happy New Year!

- I message regularly and with glee!

- My first mobile message! Thanks for the push Russ. Bryan, Vancouver, Canada

- Was just introduced to your site. Fantastic! Happy New Year!

- Happy 2004 Russ! -Dan. This msg was powered by PicoMIDP, a Servlet, a free SMS site and a bit of screen scraping. Not my number so don't reply ;)

- Hello Russ, happy new year from freezing Isidis! Hope this bloody works cause none of my other msgs seem to be going through --Beagle 2

- Happy New Year from Galway in Ireland! Not text devoid, but still from the awkward 3650. Sean McCormack

- Hello Russ and Happy New Year everybody. Sending from Denmark at a local SMS charge which is a nice initiative. Isaack

- Happy New Year to Russ and his readers. Best resolution is "Not to make any". Always works for [me]. Best Wishes. Gadget17

- 5 months ago I got my Nokia 3650 because I forgot to bring my Palm handheld back from a trip... how fortuitous... happy new year everyone

- Ewan, Vikki and Eilidh wish the new world a peaceful and considerate New Year in 2004.

- Happy new year - you asked for it. -lance

- Happy new year everyone! Matthew holidays from Brazil! (I just wish I could be sending this from my cellphone, not from a web site :-)

- Hello! We are now ready to upgrade your brain! Searching... Searching... **error** no brain found :-) happy new year from germany. Jean-marc

- Happy 2004 Russ! From your friends / readers at

- Happy 2004! Happy US messaging as well. -- mkrisher

- New Year's greetings from David Davies, Birmingham, UK.

- 1/2 Happy new year from Paris Russ. This messagefest is a fun idea, worthy of your reputation :-) I use a Treo 300 and despite the presence of a keyboard, I s

- 2/2 eldomly send SMSes, except to answer messages from our american "au pair", who uses them extensively. P@

- Greetings from sunny East Anglia --cdavies

- FRM: RE: Happy New Year MSG: From another ex-pat in Germany. I discovered your site while you still lived in Spain.

- Happy beeping new years eve! Francois from france ;)

- Happy new year from Austin, TX &!

- My fellow Americans: Text messaging is fun and easy! Jim

- Hi russ, greetings from germany. Finally a use for the multiple t9 dictionaries on my 3650 :) happy new year!

- Hi. I'm sending this from a TMobile Color Sidekick. Great keyboard, and it show # of chars. As u type. That is cool! -ron jeffries P.S. Happy New Year!

- Happy new year Russ, from Drew in London, England

- Frohes neues Jahr von Armin in England

- Welcome To a New Year Of Texting. - Paul W. Swansen

- Happy new years from a 16 year old se p900 user from boston!

- Prospero año nuevo

- Happy new year to everyone, from Jing in Helsinki, Finland

- Happy new year from my p800 & me! -spike

- My first text message ever! (Dave from the next cube.)

- Happy New Year Russ Ana and Alex - all the best from Frank and family

- Happy New year! -Matt McGuire

- Happy New Year from Chicago! Steve Abrahamson, Sony Ericsson P800, Mac user, Avid text messenger.

- Russell! Hapy New Year! Thanks for ALL the incredible tips. You are the reason I bought my Nokia 3650! 3650 Rocks! Bluetooth Rocks! You Rock harder!! Ben!!

- Hello Russell, well come folks get it, Happy New Year to you. Enjoy your site.... Best wishes, Tim Lauer, Portland OR

- HNY from 37143

- I'm bored. Happy new year. -Usman, New Jersey USA

- FRM:SMS for you MSG:This is an SMS Message. I like SMS

- Yo! Textilicious new year greetings Russ, from BigMartyn in the UK.

More, I'm sure will be coming. :-)


Next day: Note to self - Find an automated way of doing this next time. :-)

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