Avedia.com: Squatted


So a year or so ago, when I was horribly broke and very annoyed at myself for starting a company which sucked so much money out of me (and still is) without having done anything with it, I decided to *not* renew avedia.com, more out of spite than actually not having the money. It seemed like a waste to have this domain hanging around that I don't use and represented such a personal failure on my part. So I dumped it.

But then, the other day when I was at my brother's place getting my stuff, I found in a box a dozen or so Avedia.com t-shirts that I never got rid of. I had given a bunch away at a CityJava venture capital contest thing in 1999... and was stuck with the rest of them. They're good Hefty-T's as well. Craig Newmark from Craig's List left a message on this weblog a few days ago... I wonder if he remembers me at that meeting. He was one of the judges... It was only, what, 5 years ago? Seems like forever...

So struck with the fact that I had these t-shirts and a dead s-corp with this name that I'm still paying taxes on, I figured I probably should get the domain name back. So I emailed the squatter who picked up the domain... here's his reply:

Thank you for your interest in our premium domains.

The current asking price is:
avedia.com $2900

All reasonable offers will be considered subject to prior sale. We accept Visa & Mastercard. All prices are in US dollars.

Best Regards,
Tony Cuence, VP Sales

DomainCollection.com, Inc.

Wonderful. I guess I won't be getting ahold of that domain anytime soon...

Anyone want a t-shirt?


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