My New Office Toy: Air Tech 1000!

I stopped by Toys R us on the way to work this morning to pick up some Nerf Weaponry and the obligatory mini-basketball hoop for my cube and was disappointed to only find a small 4-shot Nerf weapon available called the Airtech 1000. It turns out it's actually quite fun with decent range. Back in the ol' dot-com days, I had this megablaster gatling-nerf gun which shot 36 rounds. Now that was an awesome piece of kit. I have to say that the airtech 1000 isn't bad either.

Check out the video for the fun I'm having with my coworker Julian. Don't you wish *you* worked with me? I'm such a fun guy.

I also picked up a little basketball hoop. I'm sure that will give me moments of joy in the future as well.



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