A Year as a Series 60 Owner


I got my Nokia 7650 - my first Series 60 phone - exactly a year ago today. Can you believe it? Just a year? It seems like *such* a long time ago now. I remember being completely awed by that device. The epiphany of having a connected computing device always with me was something I just hadn't been expecting. I remember being clearly hit with that concept just a few days later as I was playing with Yellow FTP and realizing that I was really 1) using a real computer with a real OS and 2) really online wireless wherever I went.

I had fondled one the summer earlier, but I just hadn't realize how cool it actually was. Even playing with the emulators and the Symbian SDKs, etc., nothing prepared me to actually own that phone. Looking back on it now, I can "re-feel" that sense of wonder. The 7650 is still even now a hell of a phone, and the newer phones are even better.

It was very expensive (as have been all my S60 phones except the N-Gage as I've rushed out to buy them as soon as possible), but was well worth it. My first experience with GPRS, my first experience with a "smart phone", my first experience with Symbian, etc. I even wrote in that post, "I can finally get rid of my Palm." I remember writing that thinking "I wonder if that will really be true?" and it was. I haven't ever felt the need or desire to use a Pen-based OS since I started using these new devices.

Some thoughts from that post: I still really don't know how to use Card Deck (I didn't realize I've had it since the 7650!), I still haven't seen a decent outliner (which is something I *do* miss from my Palm), I still think Mobile Gaming is going to rock the Earth (especially 3D N-Gage games), though I've gotten better at playing in public and paying attention to what's going on around me and Nokia's PC Suite has gotten incrementally better, but still generally sucks and is nothing like Palm Desktop.

Okay, here's to another year of S60 Goodness. :-)


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